Witness watched LPD detective 'stumble to his car' prior to DUI arrest

LAKELAND, Fla. - A Lakeland police detective arrested Friday on suspicion of drunk driving was seen "stumbling to his car," according to a police report.

Deputies arrested LPD Detective Billy Lane Friday. The police report said a witness called 911 after watching Lane stumble and take a long time to get in his car

The witness told the dispatcher that the driver was weaving in and out of traffic and nearly caused an accident.

Deputies pulled him over a short time later.

The police report said when a deputy approached Lane, he initially handed over his bank card instead of his license and was slurring his words.

Lane was charged with DUI.

"We hold ourselves to a much higher standard than we do the general public," said Assistant Chief of Police Mike Link. "That's our job. We're the ones enforcing the law."

Lane is a well-respected officer at LPD. He's worked for the department for nearly 18 years and was recently named detective of the year.

Link said Lane is now on paid administrative leave while they investigate the case.

For officers, a DUI can be grounds for termination.

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