Teacher who admitted to sleeping with her student was warned in 2012 about inappropriate contact

LAKELAND, Fla. - The Polk County teacher accused of having a sexual relationship with her 17-year-old student was warned two years ago about inappropriate contact with students.

Jennifer Fichter is still in jail on charges that she had sex as many as 30 times with her student -- all in the backseat of her Toyota truck.

She also faces charges in Hillsborough County because some of the encounters happened in that jurisdiction.

Fichter, who teaches English at the Central Florida Aerospace Academy in Lakeland, was the focus of a separate investigation in 2012 after the parents of Freedom Roche went to the Sheriff's Office complaining of inappropriate contact between the teacher and their son.

In an eight minute interview with detectives, Fichter sounded calm, cool and collected.

She explained that Roche added her on Facebook in the summer of 2012 after she planned to take a different teaching job in Jacksonville.

"Freedom contacted me saying we should get together with a group of other students and catch up for the summer since you won't be coming back," she told the detective.

"And so you did. Did you guys meet somewhere?" the detective said.

"We did. We met at Moe's," she said.

Fichter explained that she met up with the boy and three of his guy friends, and then walked around and went shopping after lunch.

She said there was never any talk of sex or any touching.

Fichter ended up returning to the Central Florida Aerospace Academy and cut off communications with the student.

"When I discovered I was returning, I deleted all of the students and blocked Freedom specifically," she told the detective.

When asked why she blocked him, Fichter said that he told her that his mother contacted the Sheriff's Office.

Through a public records request, ABC Action News discovered a "letter of concern" in Fichter's employee file about the incident from 2012.

Since detectives found nothing criminal, and the school did not take any disciplinary measures.

The letter noted that any further Facebook communication with students would be inappropriate and unwise.

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