Roundup yields more than 100 repeat offenders with a combined criminal history of 1,597 charges

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. - Polk County detectives rounded up more than a 100 criminals in the last three days in an operation that targeted repeat offenders.

"Folks, this is what they do for a living. This is their job," said Sheriff Grady Judd, pointing to the mug shots plastered on a board.

Judd said 92 of the 101 criminals have been in trouble before. Most were arrested for stealing, scamming, or in other ways terrorizing Polk County neighborhoods. Their combined criminal history is more than 1,597 charges.

In the last three days, the agency spent time analyzing crime trends and focusing on the trouble spots throughout the county.

"These are the people that are stealing us blind everyday," he said. "This is a snap shot of the criminals that are ravaging your neighborhoods across this state and across this nation."

In one case, deputies arrested Daphne Fussell at her North Lakeland home. According to investigators, the house is surrounded by dozens of stolen items.

Across town, detectives also hauled a man to jail after he fell asleep on a porch with a backpack full of burglary tools.

"You know why he passed out?" Judd asked. "From his methamphetamine use."

Judd said as sad as it may be, it's not the murderers or sex offenders that raise the crime rate, it's the repeat criminals who steal from hardworking men and women around the county.

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