Polk State College professor arrested for lying on his resume to get higher paying job

Investigators say he presented fake diploma

LAKELAND, Fla. - Polk State College is changing its procedures after learning one of its professors lied on his resume in order to get a job that required a doctorate degree.

State attorney investigators arrested David Broxterman on Wednesday morning at his Lakeland home.

They said Broxterman provided a fake diploma and academic transcripts from the University of South Florida on his application to Polk State College. The school hired him in 2009 as a business professor.

A close inspection of the diploma reveals that "board" is spelled wrong in one place, and the signature of USF President Judy Genshaft doesn't match her signature on other diplomas.

The state attorney's office is charging Broxterman with felony grand theft for defrauding the school of more than a quarter million dollars in money earned since he started.

"It was just a shock that this man who taught me so much and has done so much for the school is not who he says he is," said Anthony Bates, who had Broxterman for a business class and considered him one of his favorite professors.

He's not the only one.

On the website rankmyprofessor.com students rave about Broxterman, calling him an "excellent professor" and giving him perfect scores.

Bates said he aspired to be just like him.

"Every class he started the same way. He would have the class stand up in attention and present to us the way things were done in the military," Bates said.

On his Facebook page, Broxterman poses in several pictures wearing a military uniform with medals.

ABC Action News also learned Wednesday that this may not be his only lie.

A West Palm Beach coin collector is suing Broxterman for selling him a coin collection he claimed was worth a million dollars and turned out to be fake. The lawsuit is still pending.

Polk State College said Tuesday that it is cooperating fully with the state attorney's investigation.

A spokesperson said in light of the incident, the college will start using a third party to verify all academic transcripts and diplomas before hiring candidates.

Broxterman remained in jail Wednesday afternoon. He will find out his bond amount during a first appearance in court scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

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