New technology helps cops recover stolen items

Lakeland Police embracing new device

LAKELAND, Fla. - It sounds like something straight out of a Sci-Fi movie, but according to Lakeland Police, it will revolutionize the way they catch the bad guys.

The new product is called CopDots and can only be purchased at Lowe's Home Improvement Stores.  For about $30, the makers of the this special pen say consumers can basically give a fingerprint to every item they own. 

"In each stroke there're hundreds of tiny molecules or what we will call microdots," says CopDots President, Shawn Andreas.

You simply swipe the special pen across anything.  Your bike, computer, cell phones, even your car!  The microdots in that swipe can be detected through special devices given to the police department. 

"They can see the UV elements in the adhesive," says Andreas.

The Lakeland Police Department says they hope this new measure will not only help return the thousands of items which are stolen and go unclaimed every year, but also helps to stop criminals in the first place.

"I think once they realize that Lakeland is a city where we have this on board," says Captain Rick Taylor.  "All of our citizens are marking their own property, it might deter crime."

Andreas says product set-up is easy.  You simply buy the CopDots pen then register it online at where you will put in your information and the serial number for your pen.  Then, mark what you want.  In the event something gets stolen, police departments will use the CopDots equipment provided to them at no cost to the department.  They then can use the UV light and magnifier to see the serial numbers and locate the owner.

Andreas says the Lakeland Police Department is the first in the state to start using this new equipment and he hopes that as word spreads it will be in use nationwide in a few years.

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