Neighbors want dead alligator in Lakeland removed

LAKELAND, Fla. - Neighbors say a dead alligator in the yard of a foreclosed home in Lakeland is causing a horrific stench and needs to be removed.

Al Marzocchi says he was curious where the awful stench was coming from so he checked it out.

"We found an eight foot alligator that was decaying in an abandoned house," says Marzocchi. "I called animal control, they told me there was nothing I can do about it, I called code enforcement they told me there's nothing they can do about it."

ABC Action News called Florida Fish and Wildlife Service to take a look. Unfortunately, moving the alligator was not an option.

"The gator would just fall apart, it's decaying that bad," said Florida Fish and Wildlife Officer Adonious Duhart.

So the FWC came up with another solution.

"We're gonna attempt to put some dirt or even some lime to reduce the stench in the neighborhood," said Duhart.

On Friday, wildlife officers will begin on covering up the alligator and wait for mother nature to take its course.

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