Mom relieved after bullying suspects arrested in Rebecca Sedwick's suicide

LAKELAND - The mother of Rebecca Sedwick spoke out about the arrests of two girls for aggravated stalking in connection with her daughter's suicide.

One month after 12-year-old Sedwick took her own life, deputies arrested two girls accused of harassing her to the point where she couldn't take it anymore.

Trisha Norman is still grieving over the loss of her daughter , but she said the arrests of two of her daughters' alleged bullies gave her some relief Tuesday

It appears one of the suspects admitted it on Facebook over the weekend.

The post read, "Yes I bullied Rebecca and she killed herself. But IDGAF."

Sheriff Grady Judd says the young girls, who we are not naming because they're charged as juveniles, repeatedly bullied Rebecca online and in person.

He says they wrote things like, "Go drink bleach and die."  They called her ugly and threatened her.

"As a child, I can remember my parents saying 'Sticks and stones may break your bones but words will never hurt you.'  That was a long time ago.  Today, words stick because they're printed and they're there forever," Judd said.

The sheriff charged the girls with aggravated stalking, since bullying itself is not a crime.

They've already been released to the parents on house arrest, but no one answered their doors when ABC Action News reporters knocked Tuesday.

However, the father of one of them defended her daughter to an Associated Press reporter, claiming "My daughter is a good girl … Whatever they're saying about her is not true."

Sheriff Judd blames the parents as much as the kids.

Rebecca's mother told reporters she hopes the girls learned an important lesson as she continues her own fight to help other victims like Rebecca.

"Today's just really bittersweet for me. There's some relief. Still some regret. And sadness since her birthday is this weekend….she should be here. She should be here to see justice get served," Norman said.

Investigators say the constant bullying from the two girls was a main factor in Rebecca taking her life. But because of their age and this being their first arrest, they may not even serve a single day in jail.


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