Lakeland Senior High School teacher accused of pulling gun on husband suspected of cheating

Laura Williamson bonded out of jail Monday

LAKELAND, Fla. - A well-respected reading and English teacher at Lakeland Senior High School is accused of pulling a gun on her husband over the weekend.

Laura Williamson bonded out of jail Monday on domestic violence charges.

Investigators said on Sunday, Williamson found inappropriate text messages from another woman on her husband's phone.

They said she then forced him out of the house and tossed all of his clothes on the front lawn.

When he tried to come back inside, deputies said she came to the door with a semi-automatic handgun, threatened to shoot him in the head, but fired off a warning shot in the air instead.

Laura's husband, who got caught from a clothes hanger to the face, told deputies he feared for his life.

"Most people were just surprised because it doesn't sound like anything she would do," said Thomas Gore, Senior at Lakeland High and one of Williamson's students. "I do feel bad, but mostly I'm just shocked it was her."

The Polk County School District would not comment on Williamson's employment status, but Gore said she was not there Tuesday, the first day back from holiday break.

He said students were told they will have a substitute teacher for at least the next week.

Neighbor Pat Menendez, who was also a teacher for 30 years, said even teachers make mistakes. She believes Laura just lost it.

"Jealousy took over her good sense," she said. "I'm really surprised because it's such a quiet neighborhood."

Laura's mother told ABC Action News that Laura and her husband have been going through a rough patch in their 20-year marriage, but said this behavior is not like her.

A school district spokesman said Williamson was hired on July 28, 2005 to teach at Kathleen High School. She then transferred to Lakeland High School on July 2, 2008.

She's paid a salary of $41,949.00. The spokesman said there's no evidence of prior misconduct in her employee file.

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