Bay area doctor charged with prescription drug trafficking

LAKELAND, Fla. - Polk County detectives have arrested a Tampa doctor in Lakeland.  They say Dr. Aaron Roush, 44, over-prescribed controlled substances, and in some instances, prescribed them without performing examinations.

"We didn't see any attempt to practice (medicine)," said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd.

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Roush, according to a sheriff's statement, refers to himself as a "pain management doctor" and works at the Uphoria Medical Spa at 3510 South Florida Avenue in Lakeland.

He's charged with trafficking in prescription drugs and 10 other counts.

"We've got an appointment for this doctor at the county jail today," Judd said.  "He's not practicing medicine, he's practicing a ride to the county jail."

Judd said Roush's actions were observed by two undercover detectives on multiple occasions.  He said Roush made advances toward one female agent.

Roush ran a "cash only" business Judd said.

Judd called Roush's actions "absolutely bizarre."

Judd said a search of Roush's car turned up methamphetamine, marijuana, percocet and xanax. "He had his own stash of drugs," Judd said.

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