Lakeland club promoter shoots would-be robber in self defense for second time in as many years

Denard Joe suffered gunshot wound to chest

LAKELAND, Fla. - A local club promoter is either unlucky or a popular target, after police say he used his gun to defend himself for the second time in as many years.

The latest case of bloodshed happened early Tuesday morning as Denard Joe arrived at the home he shares with his parents in Lakeland.

Police say two men walked up to him and started to engage in conversation, but it quickly turned violent.

"There was an exchange in gunfire," said Capt. Greg Policastro with the Lakeland Police Department.  "At this point in time, we can't confirm that the other two subjects were hit."

Police say one of the two men who approached Joe started shooting first, but Joe -- who legally carries a concealed weapon -- shot back, while taking cover behind a truck.

Joe suffered a gunshot wound to the chest but is expected to survive.

It turns out, it's the second time the local club promoter has resorted to deadly force.  In April 2011, police say, Joe shot and killed a would-be car-jacker once again right outside of his parents home.

Police called that shooting justified.

"Obviously because of his occupation, he runs the risk of being targeted by folks who might speculate that he carries a lot of money on him," said Policastro.

We found Joe linked to a Facebook page for "Stunna D'Promo."  It's filled with dozens of fliers promoting local clubs.

Neighbors we spoke with would not go on camera because they feared retaliation, since there's been several recent shootings in the area.

But they do believe Joe's recent success is what turned him into a target.

"Anytime someone is being a little successful, making a little money, people will try to take it and run with it," said an acquaintance of Joe who asked to remain anonymous. "That's probably what happened."

Denard Joe does have a criminal history, but his brother told ABC Action News off-camera that he turned his life around and is a clean man.

Family members at the home denied comment Tuesday.

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