Keel and Curley to propose a compromise in zoning dispute with neighbors

PLANT CITY, Fla. - The owners of Keel and Curley winery in Plant City hope to compromise with county officials Monday night in a hearing about its zoning violation.

The county says the winery broke the rules by brewing and selling beer.

Hillsborough County officials didn't learn about the violation until a neighbor called to complain about noise from the facility. Inspectors then realized the property wasn't zoned for its current use.

"It's a very big deal. If we can't have our live music outside, have our blueberry festival, taste and sell our own beer here on site, there's definitely going to be some huge cutbacks," said Clay Keel, head brew master.

He said he plans to propose meeting the county in the middle on the issue by closing an hour earlier, quieting the music and selling only their own beer, among other restrictions.

Lonnie Oswald said the winery and brewery are ruining his country living.

"We love it out here. It's quiet, peaceful, and we don't want that to go away," he said.

Oswald complained about the noise from the outdoor music the winery hosted one night last November. He said he has no problem with the winery and tasting room, just the bar-type atmosphere he believes it's turning into.

"The main issue I have is we do not want a microbrewery or a bar in this neighborhood," he said.

ABC Action News has a crew at the zoning hearing this evening. We will have a full report tonight on ABC Action News at 11 p.m.

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