Five hours of interrogation tapes released of teen accused of killing Lakeland officer

Kyle Williams says they've got the wrong guy

LAKELAND, Fla. - For at least five grueling hours, detectives with the Lakeland Police Department are heard interrogating a teenager accused of gunning down their colleague hours earlier, Officer Arnulfo Crispin.

The state attorney's office released the audio tape and more than 300 pages of transcripts Tuesday.

Nineteen year old Kyle Williams is charged with Crispin's murder.

The audio of his interrogation shows the great lengths investigators took to try to get a confession out of Williams.

"We can't bring this officer back to life, we can't stop what happened last night, but you can make a difference in your life right now," the detective says to Williams.

"I'm telling you. I wasn't there. You're playing with me. I'm telling the truth," Williams responds.

Detective:  "I ain't playing with you Kyle.  I got people lining up to say that you were there."

The interrogation gets more intense as the hours pass and as Williams continues to deny.

At one point, the detective gets angry when the teen complains of how he was treated.

DETECTIVE: Who gives a (bleep). You shot a cop!
KYLE: I didn't!
DETECTIVE: Yes you did.
KYLE: No I didn't!
KYLE: I didn't. You're not hearing me, I didn't.
DETECTIVE: Oh, I'm hearing you. You're lying.

During the interview, Kyle Williams admits he went to the park that night, but says he was there for only a few minutes. He claims he left before Officer Crispin arrived.

"We sit in these rooms everyday with people that lie. I know a liar when I'm looking at one. And I'm looking at one," the detective said.

"Is it because I'm not crying?" Kyle asks.

"I don't give a (bleep) whether you're crying or not," he responds.

KYLE: I ain't no liar. You can ask anyone that. Kyle don't lie.
OFFICER: Kyle does lie.
KYLE: Kyle doesn't lie.
OFFICER: What he doesn't do is tell the truth because I don't think he know how.

In the five hours of interrogation tapes that the state attorney's office released, detectives never did get a confession.

Near the end, Williams is heard crying and begs for his mother.

Investigators tried to play that card, too.

"Your mom deserves better than this, that policeman's family deserves better than this.  These are real people with real emotions," the detective said.

"How do you think I feel?" Kyle responds.

"So far, I haven't a clue how you feel," he said.

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