Federal judge says girls of all ages should have access to morning after pill, without prescription

LAKELAND - A federal judge says it's time to let girls of all ages buy the morning after pill, without a doctor's approval.

The ruling comes after scientists and medical groups pushed for the change for years, saying all girls should be able to take a safe drug to prevent pregnancy.

But pro-life advocates see it another way.  If the pill is not taken within 72 hours, they say it could cause an abortion, if you believe life starts at conception.

"That is a destruction of life," said Mary Rutherford, Executive Director of Options for Women, a center focusing on pro-life decisions.

She says women, and young girls, are already taking the morning after pill as a conventional form of birth control.

"The boyfriends often have the pill available in their wallet so that she can take that pill," she said.

She worries what it's doing to the reproductive health of all women -- especially young girls.

It's one of the reasons Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius initially blocked a similar move in 2011.

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