Couple swindled people out of thousands for fake music concert, deputies say

LAKELAND, Fla. - A Lakeland couple is in jail accused of scamming investors out of tens of thousands of dollars for a promised "star-studded concert".

Deputies say Phillip Bradley, 46,  and Evelyn Bradley, 36,  claimed to be setting up an October concert featuring pop stars "Nicki Minaj" and "Drake" at Simmers-Young Park in Winter Haven.

Phillip set up a fake business and website and then swindled three people out of $36,000 for promotion, according to a statement. But undercover detectives caught on.

"The world's biggest artists, coming to play in a public park? We know that's not happening. As a result, we wrapped them up and put them in jail," one officer said.

Both suspects have a history of fraud, including cases in Wisconsin.

They're now facing five felony charges in Florida.

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