Lakeland Police shut down, board up triplex after officers discover drugs, cash and guns

Police call it a crack house, and it is now closed

919 North Iowa in Lakeland,  a triplex once used as a crack house, is now closed for business, according to authorities.
Lakeland Police went through all the formalities on Wednesday, bringing out officials, community activists, council members and members of the Nuisance Abatement Board to trumpet the closing. 
That was the formality. The reality was inside one of the units.
Inside, furniture was overturned and garbage strewn from one side to the other.
Blood could be seen smeared on one section of the floor in what must have been the main living room area. Human feces were on the floor, right at the entrance to one of the two bedrooms.
"This is poison for the community," Lt. Mike Spade said. "This type of activity. This type of crime occurring. I mean who would want to live next to a place where this type of thing is going on."
Inside each of the three units, police found drugs -- crack cocaine and marijuana -- as well as scales, cash and guns. 
Eight people have been arrested and charged. 
The landlords who owned the triplex were given the opportunity to fix the problem, but did nothing. They will now lose access to their own property. 
Now boarded up, no one will occupy 919 North Iowa in Lakeland for the next year.
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