Lakeland Police Advisory Committee presents report to fix problems within Lakeland PD

Lakeland City Commissioners and city leaders heard an hour-long presentation of a report from the Lakeland Police Advisory Commission on Monday morning on how to fix Lakeland PD's ongoing problems.
The main gist of the message is that the culture within the department has to change, so 22 recommendations were brought forward before city commissioners.  (Scroll down to read the entire report.)
The commission was formed several months ago in response to the numerous scandals that have rocked the department in recent months.
LPAC Chair Bruce Abels told commissioners that the department must take citizen complaints seriously, an oversight that brought the Officer Julio Pagan sexual battery incident to daylight.
Also, the commission said, the department must work with the media to stop what Abels called a "war" that kept public records private, in violation of Florida Sunshine Laws.
Additionally, the report recommended more training must be done for their officers to deal with crisis situations and feeling comfortable enough to approach their superiors with any concerns.
One thing the report does not say, however, and the committee will not recommend, is the firing of Lakeland Police chief Lisa Womack and city manager Doug Thomas.
The commission says that is beyond their original founding charter, and beyond their scope.
This is not the only report being released Monday morning, the city manager is also releasing his own administration report in front of commissioners.

Lakeland Police Advisory Commission Final Report

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