Haines City woman fights domestic violence with advertising

Nancy Pannelli-Baynes turned to advertising to stop being a victim of domestic violence.
She put her ex-husband's mug shot on signs. She listed the charge that John Baynes pleaded guilty to July 14.
She added the case number and even the Haines City Police Department number so anyone seeing him break the 500-foot restraining order can call for help.
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Her ex-husband stands 6 feet, 3 inches and weighs 230 pounds. She said he is a body builder with a violent temper. Court records show he abused Pannelli-Baynes and their three autistic children who still living at home.
“I wanted people to look at us and say you cannot do that to her anymore,” Pannelli-Baynes said. “You can't do that to the children anymore."
The idea for the signs came at 2 a.m. after weeks of hiding inside and hours of not sleeping because she said her ex-husband constantly ignored the restraining order.
Each sign is actually a giant magnet that can be attached to any metal surface, including her car. She said the signs worked and she ventures out of the house now. Pannelli-Baynes said complete strangers read the signs and offer to watch the area while she shops for groceries.
"I feel more empowered that I am not the victim anymore,” she said. “Like I said, it's a level playing field, finally."
Pannelli-Baynes said the courts have not helped enough. A third restraining order violation landed Baynes in jail for only 45 days. He's out now. 
Pannelli-Baynes adds, "He doesn't stop. The last we took them to the movies, he was right behind us." 
Right now with the signs she's said she has the power of the public to help her from living in fear all the time.   
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