Haines City Police Department investigating five ranking officers

The Haines City Police Department is investigating five of its officers, but Chief Rick Sloan won’t confirm the reason why.
"I can't tell you anything about what happened,” Sloan said Wednesday. “The only thing I can release to you is that we do have an internal investigation going on."
Sgts. Herb Hernandez, Ron Brown and Mick Harrison along with Lt. Keith Hammond, the head of the Criminal Investigations Division, and Cpl. Shawn Mobre, came under investigation two weeks ago.
"Unfortunately I cannot talk about anything that has to do with the complaint,” Sloan said.
Once internal affairs finishes the report, it will go to Chief Sloan’s desk.
Sloan wants to reassure Haines City residents their level of service will not change during the investigation.
"I want to assure them that however this thing turns out, we will do what's right at the end of it,” he said. “We will take the appropriate action that is necessary."
The investigation should conclude in the next three weeks, Sloan said.


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