Deputies say wife kills husband and leaves him in home

Haines City woman charged with murder of husband

Haines City, Fla. - On a quiet road in Haines City, the home of Sheree and James Peters, seemed to blend in.

"It is definitely an eerie, creepy feeing. I am sad for him," said neighbor Angie Slaughter.

Friday morning deputies found 62 year old James Peters in his laundry room with a sheet covering him. Investigators said he had been dead for weeks.

"It was devastating. We all took it kind of hard because he would wave and speak to us and speak to the kids and stuff like that. He was a really nice guy," said Slaughter.

It was Sheree's family who made the gruesome discovery. They were worried when she showed up at a Thanksgiving dinner without her husband. They told deputies they had not heard or seen James for weeks so they decided to check on him. Angie told ABC Action News she thought he was at the VA hospital waiting for a Liver transplant.

"She had been in and out of the house a lot, but we thought she was going back and forth to the hospital," she said. 

But, detectives said Sheree crafted a web of lies to those who asked. She told people her husband was at the VA hospital, or out hunting. When her family arrived they said they confronted her and she immediately took off saying she needed to get gas.

Deputies found her at a hotel in Dundee. She told investigators different stories about how her husband died. She said they struggled with a gun, it went off and she went to bed. She woke up and found him dead.

Since then she told detectives she had walked over his body every time to go in and out of her house.
Deputies noted the pair had a long history of domestic violence between one another which surprised most neighbors.

"They always seemed happy just kind of very quiet, didn't hear a lot out of them," said Slaughter.

Investigators said Sheree may have also struggled with drugs. They found her with crack cocaine at the hotel.
While neighbors work to put this behind them they say they will never forget James.

"Well I hate to lose him, He was a good neighbor," said neighbor Carl Gorman.

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