Funeral services for 12-year-old cyberbullying victim held in Bartow

Ftreinds and family remember Rebecca Sedwick

BARTOW, Fla. - Friends and family of 12-year-old Rebecca Sedwick, who took her own life after being repeatedly bullied, gathered a Bartow funeral home on Monday to say goodbye.

It was hard to say what each struggled with as they tried to understand "why." 

But it is safe to say the pain they feel, in many cases, is overwhelming.

Overwhelming pain is what Rebecca must have felt, the result of cyberbullying that was so severe, it led her to think the only way to ease her pain was to take her own life, which she tragically did on September 9.

It is a decision that tore into the heart of everyone who were at her funeral service.

Those who attended tried to find strength in each other, with each tear they shed carrying with it a thought, a memory, and a message to a beautiful young girl who should still be here.

"I just wish she were here again," one mourner, Melissa Brissel said.

"I wish she was back with us."

When asked how, emotionally, she is coping with something so tragic, her answer, "You don't. It's a child."

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