Cross country cyclist returns to finish benefit ride for kids after last year's accident

Jacob's Ride to help kids hear again

A hit and run that seriously injured Jacob Landis in Polk County was not enough to end his mission.
Landis, 25, returned to the accident scene Wednesday to continue where he left off on his bike ride around the country to help kids suffering from a condition he knows all too well.
"It gave me something close to a normal life," he said of a cochlear implant he received at age 10.
The surgical implant is a small electronic device helps the hearing impaired by sending electrical impulses directly to the auditory nerve.
Last September Landis was on the final leg of his nearly 10,000-mile journey to each major league ballpark in the United States.
He raised about $170,000 during that ride to benefit kids in need of cochlear implants.
With only 180 miles to go before he reached the Miami Marlins stadium, his final destination, a semi-truck rammed him on U.S. 27 in Frostproof.
"I remember seeing the full moon rise and that was my last memory," he said. "I have no memory until I was in the hospital bed."
When the medics got to Jacob, he was in bad shape. He lost three teeth, broke his cheek bones, and suffered scars all over his face.
He has since recovered from the nasty injuries and is ready to finish what he started.
Wednesday, Jacob met with the first responders who cared for him at the scene of the accident. Police and fire rescue then provided an escort for the first 5 miles of his journey to the stadium in Miami.
A few broken bones and bruises were not enough to stop him.
"We've paid for five surgeries so far," he said with a big smile.
That's five young lives forever changed because of him.
Jacob's about half way to his goal of raising another $18,000 to help pay for at least two more surgeries for kids in need. And he's not quitting.
"We don't have anything really set in stone after this bike ride, but we're not stopping with this," he said.
If you would like to donate to Jacob's Ride or if you would like to join Jacob and approximately 100 supporters at the baseball game in Miami on Saturday, visit his website at .
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