Director of nursing home arrested after resident dies

LAKELAND, Fla. - An administrator from a Lakeland assisted living facility was arrested following the death of one of its residents.

Rachel Mobley, a director at Grace Manor Assisted Living Facility, was arrested for neglect earlier this week following the death of a resident in April 2013. According to the report, she declined several requests from staff to call 911 after the resident complained of a pain in his eye. Eventually, his condition worsened and he died from a stroke.

The assisted living facility sent ABC Action News the following statement:

We at Grace Manor are stunned at the arrest of Ms. Mobley and the way this matter has been handled.  From the beginning, we have cooperated fully with investigators over the past year and were led to believe that the matter was coming to resolution. The facts clearly show that Grace Manor personnel complied with the expressed wishes of the resident's family. There simply was no neglect. We are shocked by this sudden turn of events, which include violating the privacy of the resident's surviving family.

Our priority is to ensure the well-being of and to comply with the wishes of our residents and their families in their most critical hours. We have earned our reputation for providing superior health care and compassion. And we remain committed to protecting resident and family rights, including their right to privacy.

We believe the court will agree with us that the allegations against Ms. Mobley are without merit.


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