Family of five lucky to be alive after a pickup truck crashes into their Davenport house

Home security camera records the impact

DAVENPORT, Fla. - A family of five asleep for the night awakes to the unimaginable. A car and truck slams into their home. "It was a sonic boom," homeowner Christian MacDonald said. "We thought the house was falling apart on top of us."

It happened around 4:00 Sunday morning at MacDonald's house off Cottonwood Drive in Davenport. A security camera on the outside of the house caught all the action. Showing what appears to be a newer model Dodge pick-up truck plowing into the house. "Never even hits the brakes. Once he realizes it he just slams right into us and nonchalantly tries to take off," MacDonald said.


The impact also knocking a white Honda Civic out of the driveway and into the house's two front windows. "If it wasn't for this car I don't think any of us would probably be here," MacDonald said.


On the other side of one of those windows is a bedroom where two of MacDonald's daughters, ages two and 12, were sleeping. "Pushed my kid's crib and bed over. Luckily they're ok," MacDonald said.


Behind the other window, MacDonald's bedroom. He, his wife and son were asleep in there when the truck hit. The flying glass leaving MacDonald with some minor cuts and bruises. "It was pretty scary. Everybody screaming," MacDonald said.


The surveillance video also seems to show the truck driving by a few minutes after the crash. MacDonald hopes the video helps deputies track down the driver. "It' just unbelievable that something like this would happen and nobody would stop to even check if anybody is alive."


Luckily all five living here are alive. MacDonald crediting his faith, and the little white Honda with saving their lives. "I'm just thankful that God was watching out for us," he said. "He's what took care of me and my family."


Polk County Sheriff's Office say the driver is described as a large framed white or Hispanic male. The vehicle he was driving appears to be a 2000 Dodge Ram pickup truck, silver or light in color and has an extended cab. If you have any information about this investigation you can call the sheriff's office at (863) 298-6200.


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