Caught on Camera: Winter Haven teens attack student on bus, charged with felony battery

Two Winter Haven teens accused of attacking a student on a school bus have been charged with felony battery.
According to Winter Haven Police, the attack happened on Monday.

Armani Dorsey, 15, was hit so hard in the head he fell unconscious.

He spoke exclusively to ABC Action News about the beating.

"My jaw kind of hurts and I felt dizzy when I woke up," said Dorsey.

ABC Action News is naming Dorsey because his mother gave permission to speak. We are not naming the teens accused because they are juveniles and have not been charged as adults.

"I was disgusted [when I first saw the video]," said Alisha Styles, Dorsey's mother.  "I was hurt.  My feelings are still hurt because no parent wants to see their child beat."

Police say it happened shortly after a 15-year-old suspect told others riding on the bus to get out their cell phones to record the incident.

ABC Action News found a still image of one video that shows Dorsey unconscious, laying on the grass outside of the school bus, his friends trying to get him to open his eyes.

Investigators say that suspect licked his palm, reached over the seat and then slapped Dorsey on the face.
As Dorsey stood up to see what happened, a 14-year-old punched him in the face, causing him to fall and lose consciousness.
"I guess I got dazed.  So I had to catch myself.  Before I could catch myself, everything in my body got weak," Dorsey explained.
Dorsey, who is an eighth grader, did not attend school Wednesday but said he will get back on the bus Thursday.
Immediately after the attack, the teens got off the bus and ran.
Paramedics were called and the victim was taken off the bus.  He was still unconscious.
Police say both suspects have gang associations and claim the attack was in retaliation to a previous incident.
Dorsey told ABC Action News he is not in a gang but did not deny hanging around with gang members.  He also added that he did have a previous dispute with the 14-year-old.
"I guess they had to take it out on me because I hang out with them," Dorsey said.
Dorsey's mom said she does not believe her son is involved with a gang.
"As a mother, I am doing my own investigation.  Right now it is he said, she said," Styles explained.
One teen has a previous battery charge from a March incident.  The other had been banned from riding the bus due to a fight in 2013.
Both teens are now booked into the Polk County Juvenile Assessment Center.
Polk County School District leaders released a statement saying they are cooperating with the investigation.  They did not address how the 14-year-old made it on to a bus unnoticed.
All three students attend Donald Woods Opportunity Center in Dundee.  The school serves troubled kids.
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