Bay area academy needs help to win theraputic ridinghorse

A ranch in the Bay Area needs your help to get a new horse.
TiAnVica Riding Academy is competing with dozens of other ranches across the country to win a new horse from a farm in Kentucky.
Megan Crisler has been riding at TiAnVica for years. She has cerebral palsy which limits her ability to speak and confines her to a wheelchair. 
"Kids who have disabilities have very little power in their life. They're told what to do, when to do it, how to do it, they're medicated, they're braced," said riding instructor Grace Doran.
"It basically is freedom for her body to get a little more exercise, a little bit more stimulus, but mentally it's a freedom as well to be out there and gaining confidence," said Jon Crisler, Megan's father.
Using simple games, riders like Megan exercise muscles they don't often use.
"Out here it brings normalcy to her life," Jon Crisler said.
TiAnVica is currently fifth in votes, but needs to be fourth or better to be a winner.
To vote, visit the competition's Facebook page:
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