Trial date set for 20-year-old accused of killing Lakeland Police Officer Crispin

Confrontation happens in court room

POLK COUNTY - Kyle Daivontae Williams, now 20-years-old, walking into a Polk County courtroom Thursday morning with shackled feet, an orange jump suit and a straight face.  Ready to hear when he will face a jury; charged with premeditated first degree murder in the shooting death of Officer Ardulfo Crispin in December of 2011.

Witnesses say a group of guys were in the Chrystal Grove Lane Park in Bartow the night of December 18.  Officer Crispin told them the park was closed and according to the police report, he went to search the teens.  When he got to Williams, the then 19-year-old pulled out a gun and fatally shot Officer Crispin.

As the judge was confirming a trial start date of January 13, 2014.  Williams started to speak out and a member of Officer Crispin's family had a response for him. 

Williams continued to say, he had something that he wanted to say.  The judge and his attorney urged him to keep his mouth closed during the hearing, to which he followed up with the following:

"I already asked him to come in here and speak to the family and say what I wanna say, so I would like to express that," said Williams.

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