Saturday storms uproot large hickory tree, sending it crashing into roof of Auburndale house

Homeowner fears weight of tree causing more damage


Lin Chipman experienced some tense moments inside her Auburndale home as a large hickory tree crashed through the roof. "The whole house shook," Chipman said. "I saw the two-by-fours come through the ceiling right there in my bathroom."


The tree falling around six Saturday evening during a thunderstorm. Chipman was laying down taking a nap in her bed, only a few feet from where the trunk of the tree began ripping though. "The ceiling tiles were falling," Chipman said.


Her sister Sherry lives right next door. She ran to see what was happening after hearing mother nature's fury.  "I went to the door to look out to see what's going on and I said oh my God there's a tree on the roof," Sherry Washburn said.


A roof Chipman replaced last month, spending thousands of dollars. "I don't have any doubt that the new roof I just finished kept it from coming through and squashing my whole house," Chipman said.


Chipman mostly worries about the weight of the tree continuing to cause structural damage to her home. Just overnight her roof has began to cave in and even her bedroom door no longer opens or closes. "I'm afraid it's going to come on through," Chipman said.


So far Chipman's insurance company has not been in touch. She wants to start removing the large tree, but after spending money to replace the roof, she has no money left to hire tree trimmers. "Try to find somebody that will wait to be paid after insurance does something," Chipman said.


Hopefully getting the large tree off the roof, because if not, Chipman fears it could come crashing down even more.

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