Alexandria Chery: Search underway in three-county area for missing 16-year-old

Authorities were searching rural areas of Polk, Osceola and Orange counties on Friday for a missing 16-year-old girl whose disappearance is considered "extremely suspicious."
A decomposed female body was found earlier in the day in the search area, but the identity has not been confirmed.
Alexandria Chery was last seen Monday when she told her mother she wasn't feeling well and planned to stay inside all day.
Her mother, Rosalie Joseph, called to check on her daughter several times that day, but Alexandria never answered.
When Joseph arrived home that evening, Alexandria was not there and most of her belongings were gone.
Blood was found in several rooms.
Authorities say Joseph's live-in boyfriend Saint Simon, tried to clean up the blood with bleach.  He was arrested and charged with providing false information and destruction of evidence.
Authorities were searching the tri-county region because it's the area where Alexandria's cell phone last pinged.
Further cause for concern about the teen's well-being is that it she can't be reached on her phone, has not updated her social media accounts and does not have a history of running away.
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