Woman was wounded in the breast when an oven heated up and bullet exploded

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. - A bullet placed in an oven exploded and wounded an unsuspecting woman who was making a snack Monday night.

Bullet fragments struck and lodged in Aalaya Walker's breast.  She was able to pull some of the bullet fragments out, but had to be treated at St. Anthony's Hospital.

Walker, 18, told police she went to her friends house and decided to make waffles in the oven when she became hungry.  She said she preheated the oven and a few minutes later heard an explosion.  That is when she noticed she had bullet fragments in her breast, thighs and knee area.

Police interviewed Walker's friend about the gun.  According to a police report, the friend told police the Glock 21 was in a drawer and the magazine was placed in the oven with four rounds in it.

The friend did provide police with the melted magazine which they had discarded in a dumpster.

Police found the gun owner had a concealed carry permit and that the gun was not stolen.

No charges will be filed in the case.


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