Witnesses describe seeing woman drive her truck past Pinellas Trail pedestrians

A 59-year-old woman from Clearwater drove onto the Pinellas Trail on Tuesday and came dangerously close to bicyclists, according to St. Petersburg Police Department.
"It was pretty wild," said Bob Hayduke of Hayduke Auto Service, an eyewitness to the incident. "We saw a truck heading north on the Pinellas Trail, going about 50 mph, and running over all the posts." 
Joni Hensley drove onto the trail at Third Avenue South and 66th Street, police said. 
Hayduke said pedestrians had earbuds in as her vehicle sped past them.
Hensley drove for at least 20 blocks on the trail, police said.
"The whole front end was smashed up from driving all the way down the trail," said Hayduke. 
In surveillance video obtained by ABC Action News from a convenience store, Hensley is seen driving her Ford F-150 over a concrete barricade. Police said she hit several others and appeared to be under the influence of some type of narcotic. 
Convenience store worker Brandon Hood saw police take Hensley into custody.
"She started moaning and groaning very loudly, loudly enough that I could hear her from my front door," he said. 
Police said Hensley was taken to a hospital for evaluation. No charges have been filed. 
"I'm glad everything is calm," said Hayduke. 
Crews working for Pinellas County expect repairs to take about a day. 
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