Weekend adventure: "Flying" over the Gulf with the JetLev

For instructor Thomas Wheat, whose Jet-Levity is well honed after a year and a half of instruction, and whose arching, spinning aerial display showed us what one can do on a such a contraption... this is an
every day event...

"It's a pretty great job,"he said. "You get to fly people in jet packs like telling people that all the time, actually."
"What's the feeling we're going to get when we go up in this thing?" asked Ashley.
"Weightlessness.  It's like nothing else, it's like flying.  You don't really see anything around you, you just have the handles you're holding on to and besides that it's just you and the water."

Which for all the world looks soooo James Bondian tough and macho... but we were told to not man up too much! In fact, according to Thomas, you gotta sorta treat the jet pack ... gently.

After a crash course of instruction, John went first, then Ashley and then I took my stab at this... and as the remote throttle was cranked a bit more, we got some air... and then, we were flying... Just check out the video for proof!


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