Thomas Lafoe's request to retract guilty plea still in limbo

PINELLAS COUNTY, Fla. - There's another twist in the case of Thomas Lafoe, the Pinellas County man who stopped his murder trial last month after he decided to plead guilty to killing his neighbor.

A judge sentenced him on the spot to life in prison.

Lafoe did not appear in court Thursday morning, but his request for a plea change was still heard by the judge.   In the middle of his trial in June he entered a plea of guilty, but has sense said he wants to change that to not guilty.

Thursday morning, the judge presiding over the hearing said that the court would appoint Lafoe a different attorney from the one that represented him in the case.  That attorney will represent Lafoe in an upcoming hearing to have that plea change heard.

He was charged with murdering 60-year-old Jeffery Norton back in the summer of 2010 with a sword.  Police tell us they were led to Lafoe because he was using the victim's credit cards around town.

Norton was a well known actor in the community.  Police say Lafoe would even manicure Norton's lawn.  

Lafoe is still in prison and the date of that plea hearing has yet to be released.

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