New life could be on the horizon for the dying Seminole Mall

The Seminole City Center could be coming soon

SEMINOLE, Fla. - Right now the Seminole Mall sits basically empty, but there's a new proposal for a face lift and new name for the Seminole Mall.

In a mostly empty food court, I found Louise and Mary Kay.

Every Wednesday they meet at the Seminole Mall to play scrabble.  As they spell out the word "COURSE," they both know a new one may soon be on the way for the mall.

"We're anxious to have something built here," Louise said.  "Something that more people can come to."

That may be coming soon.  There's a new proposed Seminole City Center.

The proposal comes from developers North American Development Group and Primerica.

The new Seminole City Center would be an open air concept which includes-- new retail space, a fitness center, offices, banking, restaurants, and a new multi-screen movie theater.

For Gail Neidinger, who lives in the area, it would be all too welcome.  She said, "My family lives in Seminole and we used to shop here all the time, and now we have to go elsewhere."

As it stands now, a Bealls and a Stein Mart are pretty much all that is left.

Kmart closed and Publix moved across the street..

But some people like Amanda Ogorek just don't see it working.

"It just didn't work before," Amanda explained. "Why is it going to work now?"

It's an issue that Seminole City Council will undoubtedly debate August 12 when they meet to discuss the proposal.

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