Surveillance video shows two armed robberies at area convenience stores

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla - Two separate but similar armed robberies in St. Petersburg have prompted police to release two surveillance tapes in an attempt to captures the suspects.

The first armed robbery took place on October 29 at 11:15 p.m.  Video shows two men walk into a 7-Eleven located at 11590 4th Street North.  Both are wearing hoods and gloves.  At gunpoint, the men can be heard on the tape demanding cash and cigarettes.

There were customers in the store when the crime occurred.

"He has a very distinct voice," said St. Petersburg Police Chief Chuck Harmon.

Both men were are still on the loose.  Neither the clerks nor the customers were hurt.

On November 6, surveillance video at the 7-Eleven located at 6161 4th Street North also captured a similar armed robbery.  The tape shows a man and woman dressed in black, wearing hoods to cover their faces and donning gloves.  The man  can be seen pointing a shotgun at the clerks while the woman has a knife.

They too demanded cash.

This armed robbery turned deadly when undercover officers spotted the crime in progress.

An officer ended up shooting and killing one of the suspects, Lamont Burgess.  Minutes later, K-9 dogs found the female suspect, Ebony C. Oliver hiding under a car.

Ebony is now charged with armed robbery and felony murder.

"You commit a robbery with a shotgun or another weapon and there is going to be bad consequences to that. Whether you have a fatal like that or you end up in jail a number of years," Harmon said.

Police said in the fatal armed robbery case there was a getaway driver.  Officers did question him but have not yet filed charges.

Harmon believes the cases could be connected and there may be other unreported armed robberies of a similar nature in other cities and counties.

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