Supporters line up for Dunedin lemonade stand

T.J. Guerrero has operated a lemonade stand on Patricia Avenue since he was 10 years old.
He uses the money that he raises, $1 for the lemonade and 50 cents for cookies, to not only treat himself but also treat his parents and his grandparents.  He even uses the funds to buy food for his household.
“I really just want to help my family," T.J. said. "I think it shows other kids that you don't always have to take money from your parents. You can help them, too."
Most everyone supports T.J., except one neighbor. That neighbor, according to city officials, complained that T.J.'s lemonade stand was a nuisance. Many neighbors complained that he even said it would reduce property value,  an assertion they found ridiculous.
"That is absolutely crazy. Someone drives by and sees a 12-year-old selling lemonade, that inflates property value!" said Todd Raymond, a resident for more than 15 years.
When neighbors heard about the complaints to City Hall, it got national attention.
A local radio station even stepped in to encourage people to support T.J.'s lemonade stand.
A huge crowd gathered.
Even Dunedin's mayor, who lives in the neighborhood, stopped by.
“I think it is a great show of entrepreneurship. This 12-year-old is setting a great example. I don't know what the other neighbor’s problem is, but I would like to talk to him to try to figure it out," Mayor Dave Eggers said.
In just two hours supporters ended up raising more than $600.
It taught T.J. an even more valuable lesson.
“I know my one neighbor does not support this. But it makes me want to work even harder. I just can't believe all these people care. It makes me feel so wonderful," T.J. said.
When asked what he’d like to do with the money, he said he wants to discuss it with his mom.
ABC Action News attempted to talk to the neighbor behind the dispute, but he didn't answer his door.
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