St. Petersburg road rage victim describes attack

A St. Petersburg woman recovered Wednesday from a brutal attack she says started when she beeped her horn at another driver.
The 61-year-old woman, who asked not to be identified, said she used her horn because the other vehicle drifted into her lane.
Amber Beckwith, 27, tried to run the woman off the road, according to St. Petersburg Police Department. After the woman stopped, Beckwith rammed her vehicle multiple times and then beat the woman.
Ariel Young, 22, a passenger, is accused of taking part in the beating.
"I was just trying to prevent an accident,” the woman said. “That's why they put horns in cars."
There were witnesses around, but no one initially came to help.
"She was acting so erratic, that I think they were all afraid to get out of their cars,” she said. “I would have been afraid to get out of my car too."
Eventually a bystander intervened, and police took the woman into custody.
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