St. Petersburg Police training dogs to sniff out guns in schools

St. Petersburg Police Department will soon bring dogs into schools as part of an effort to keep children safe from guns.

Two dogs, Roo and Macy, have been going through training for about 10 weeks. Unlike drug- or bomb-sniffing dogs, they're trained to search specifically for guns and ammunition.

Police hope they will serve as a deterrent 

"If they're thinking about bringing a firearm onto campus, I think they're think twice," said Officer Chris Ladd, who helps train the dogs.

The dogs will visit schools throughout Pinellas County during random sweeps.

In the past, St. Petersburg Police Department has relied on tips to learn when someone has a gun on campus. The agency admits there are more guns in schools than police know.

Macy and Roo will be able to find guns or ammunition in places like book bags and lockers.

Police have not said when the random sweeps will begin.

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