St. Pete officer fired over hiding evidence in DUI altercation

St. Petersburg Police Department fired an officer Thursday it says used unnecessary force and intentionally tried to hide video of the altercation.

Officer Kenneth Pienik is accused of forcing a DUI suspect, Stephen Woodworth, to the ground during a Jan. 31 investigation, according to police summary of the allegations against him.

“It was determined that Officer Kenneth Pienik, during his brief encounter with Woodworth, lost his temper, used profanity and initiated a physical arrest,” the summary states.

The department concluded that Pienik intentionally did not copy a video of the incident and put it into evidence, providing a non-incriminating portion of the video to the State Attorney’s Office during an investigation.

“It is clear that Officer Pienik intended for the video to never be preserved as evidence to be used in the criminal process,” the summary says.

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