Six of the dogs seized in multi-state dog-fighting raid are almost ready to be adopted

The story made national headlines when it first broke.
In August, hundreds of dogs were seized in what's known as one of the largest dog-fighting raids in U.S. history. Now, months later, some have made their way to the Tampa Bay area, and they're ready for a second chance.
"These dogs don't deserve this. The only thing these dogs deserve is a loving home," said Humane Society of Pinellas Executive Director Sarah Brown. 
Inside the Humane Society of Pinellas, six fully-rehabilitated dogs are almost ready for adoption, according to Brown.
But it's been a long, long road.
Over the summer, the feds seized 367 poorly cared for American Staffordshire/pit bull terriers they said were being bred and used to dog fight. Arrests were made in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Texas.
Some of the dogs, including the six now in Pinellas County, were just puppies at the time of the raid.
"They look great. They're energetic. They're loving. They're just great goofy dogs," Brown said of the puppies now. 
Each one of the dogs currently at the Pinellas shelter is less than a year old. 
The Humane Society of Pinellas is one of a number of shelters nationwide that stepped in to help after the raid. This current group of dogs is the third batch they've taken in. 
"We're excited. We get the happy ending part where we can see these dogs get a second chance," Brown said.
The dogs are scheduled to be micro-chipped and spayed or neutered Tuesday. They should be ready for adoption starting Thursday.
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