Sinkhole that damaged two Dunedin homes puts some residents on edge

DUNEDIN, Fla. - As a giant sinkhole opened two blocks away on Thursday, Mary Keller became concerned when she noticed a soft spot in her backyard.

She asked officials to have a look when they had time, but they rushed to her home right away.

"They had the cavalry came running. Everyone was here, checked it out," Keller said.

After investigating, engineers dismissed the depression as a soft spot, perhaps where a tree once was.

But Mary has reason to worry, because her house had a sink hole a couple years ago.

And while others have had trouble with Citizens insurance, she says they took care of her and fixed the problem.

"It was messy, But they fixed and fixed all the cracks on the outside and my husband and I are very happy," she said

Up and down Jackmar Road there are homeowners going through different stages of the sinkhole saga..

One house has a crack down the side that's hard to miss.

It's the reality of living in a neighborhood known for sinkholes.

Although Bill West isn't too concerned.

"We are down by the high school and up on a little rise of land. I've lived here enough years, what are you going to worry about?" Wset said.

As for Mary, she's not out of the woods yet. There's another depression forming off her driveway. and she says
Citizens only insures the building on the property.

"Hopefully whatever hole opens up, I'll have a moat. The house will stand," she said.

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