Seminole High School locked down, hazmat staff examines chemistry students' assignments

SEMINOLE - Seminole High School was placed on lock down as a hazmat team examined substances brought in by chemistry students Tuesday morning, according to Pinellas County officials.

What was initially reported as a possible spill or release of a hazardous substances turned out to be a school chemistry project, and officials were using precaution to make sure the assignment didn't pose a safety threat.

Pinellas County Spokesperson Melanie Marq said that 125 students were given the assignment to bring in a substance listed on the Periodical Chart.

The lockdown happened during first period as a precautionary measure, allowing officials to examine the substances students brought in before they were carried throughout the school.

No chemicals or substances were spilled and no one was hurt.

Other than mercury, which was inside a thermometer, no information is available on the substances brought in by students.

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