Security cameras coming to sections of Pinellas Trail

Stretching from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs, the Pinellas Trail offers a scenic route for people to run, bike and walk.
But sections of the trail have been the scene of violent crimes and now the City of St. Petersburg plans to add an additional layer of security to a stretch of the Pinellas Trail.
"I think it's a good idea. That way they can protect the people that ride on the trail," said Kenneth Ferguson, who rides the trail daily. "I usually ride in the morning. There's some dark spots, so having cameras out here would be good."
Eighteen cameras will go up between 43rd Street and 49th Street South.
City Councilman Wengay Newton said the cameras will serve as a deterrent.
They are part of a pilot program Newton hopes to see expanded to other parts of the trail.
"Hopefully the county will get onboard and expand this throughout the whole Pinellas Trail," Newton said.
But before it expands throughout the county, the city has to show the $100,000 plan is worth further investment.
Newton said it is.
"You'll be able to go to this footage and track down the perpetrators," Newton said.
The city plans to have the cameras installed by the fall.
Newton said one possible way to pay for the cameras will be with police forfeiture funds.


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