Police: Woman run over, killed under carport at St. Petersburg condo complex

A homeless woman was killed after being run over Tuesday night at a St. Petersburg condo complex. 
Police said the victim was either passed out or asleep under a carport.
According to St. Petersburg Police, Henrietta Regina Dickson, 55, was laying in a parking space assigned to Fathima Musad at the Palm Garden Condo Complex, located on 4th Street North. 
As Musad entered the parking space, the front of her car drove over Dickson's body, pinning her between the concrete park stop and the undercarriage of the vehicle, police said.
Musad felt the impact and discovered a large tote bag sticking out from under her car. She removed the bag and thought that's what she hit, police said.  Musad never saw Dickson's body and went inside her home.
On Wednesday, a person noticed Dickson's hand sticking out from the front of Musad's vehicle and called police.
Dickson was pronounced dead at the scene.
"We never hear about stuff like this going on here," neighbor Ada Davis said. "It was really bizarre to wake up to that."
No charges are pending for Musad.  
Police suspect drugs and or alcohol use on Dickson's part.
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