Police: 61-year-old St. Petersburg driver pulled from her vehicle and attacked by two women

Two women were jailed Tuesday after police said they pulled a 61-year-old woman from her car and beat her in an apparent fit of road rage.
The incident occurred on 34th Street South in St. Petersburg just before 6 p.m., according to St. Petersburg Police Department.
The driver of a black Lexus beeped her horn at a Cadillac driven by Amber Beckwith, 27, when Beckwith came into her lane, police said.
Beckwith and her passenger, Ariel Young, 22, began yelling at the driver of the Lexus and threw a water bottle at her, police said. At one point, Beckwith sideswiped the Lexus.
When the Lexus driver pulled over, so did Beckwith. According to police, Beckwith pulled in front of the Lexus and backed into the vehicle several times with the Cadillac.
That’s when Beckwith and Young got out, pulled the 61-year-old from her Lexus and began to beat her, police said.
Passers-by saw what occurred and stopped the two women.
Police did not released the name of the victim, but said she is expected to recover after receiving hospital treatment.
Beckwith and Young face multiple charges including assault and battery.
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