Police K-9 and alert customers take down Pinellas Park robber

PINELLAS PARK, Fla. - A former store employee is behind bars after Pinellas Park Police say he hid inside for nearly 2 hours and then tried to run off with the cash register.

Employees say the cash register typically only has about $100 at a time.
29 year-old Jett Jones is sitting at the Pinellas County Jail on charges of armed robbery and armed burglary with $100,000 bail.
Pinellas Park Police say he waited until the Edible Arrangements store off of US-19 was near closing to sneak into the store.
Inside, they say he lied in wait for nearly 2 hours, until the last employee of the day closed up shop.
That employee, Mike Rivera, tells ABC Action News he had an ominous feeling the entire time he was getting ready to leave.
"I felt like somebody kept coming around me, and I would look back and forth. I mean I literally looked back and forth," Rivera said.
As soon as Rivera left, police say Jones hopped down, grabbed the cash register and tried to make off with it.
When Jones made it to the front door, they say he encountered a driver who was returning and Jones then ran.
Two people eating at the Five Guys restaurant next door gave chase, and police say they eventually used a K-9 to take him down.
But even then, they say Jones insisted he was really running after the suspect.
"His story was that he had a confrontation with the man that was running from the police on the street, and that's the reason why he he was acting the way he was, he was sweating, he was hiding,"

But police say his distinctive blue mohawk made it easy for witnesses to point him out of a line-up.

Employees at the Edible Arrangements say they're now a lot more cautious because of what happened.

"To be honest I feel really, really frustrated. I'm scared and I didn't sleep at all," Rivera says.

But they can rest a little easier, knowing Jones is now behind bars.


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