Pinellas Libertarian won't get a driver's license and he won't stop driving

CLEARWATER, Fla. - The new law that requires proof of citizenship to get or renew your driver's license is an inconvenience to some of us, but one man in Pinellas County says it's a violation of his rights.

Adrian Wyllie, radio talk show host and chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida refuses to provide the paperwork necessary to renew his expired license. He also refuses to stop driving.

"I believe I am in the position of right and the state needs to be corrected," said Wyllie.

Specifically, Wyllie opposes the federal Real ID Act that requires anyone getting or renewing a driver's license to provide proof of citizenship, address and social security number. In some cases, divorce papers and marriage licenses must be shown. Wyllie believes it violates his constitutional right against unreasonable search and seizure.

Wyllie had friends videotape his encounter at the driver's license office where he refused to provide the necessary documents and then surrendered his license.

For two months, he continued to drive hoping to get a ticket that he could fight. Then on his radio show on WTAN in Clearwater, Wyllie taunted Sheriff Jim Coats into enforcing his own laws. It worked.

Later that same day a Pinellas County sheriff's deputy pulled Wyllie over and gave him a ticket. If he continues to drive, Wyllie could face up to a year in jail.

"I'm willing to take this as far as it needs to go," said Wyllie.

"He's spitting into the wind," said Stetson Law professor, Charles Rose.

Rose believes Wyllie has little chance of overturning a law put in place after 9-11 to prevent terrorists from getting legal I.D.'s

"When you compare the safety issue to the minimally perceived liberty issue of not having to have a driver's license, the safety issue from a legal perspective is going to win in court every single time," said Rose.

Wylie faced a Pinellas County judge on Wednesday afternoon who put his decision off for one week.

"Being incarcerated would result in my losing my livelihood, my ability to support my family. It would destroy me. So there are consequences," said Wyllie.

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