Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies are searching for home invasion suspects who hurt an elderly man

PALM HARBOR, Fla. - Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies are looking for two suspects who injured an elderly Palm Harbor man during a home invasion this morning.

Deputies say the two men concealed their identity and were carrying guns and that this house was targeted.

It happened around 9 a.m. at 101 Mayfair Circle West in Palm Harbor.

The elderly man who lives in the home was taken to an area hospital with a head injury but his injuries are not life threatening, according to deputies.

Homicide and robbery detectives are currently at the home searching for evidence.

Neighbors told ABC Action News they do not believe the crime was random.

"He was a witness to a drug deal or something like that, in a different neighborhood years ago, and that someone had called delivering death threats," said Cory Fisher, neighbor.

Detectives could not comment on that information.

Fisher lives next door to the crime scene and describes the man and his wife as quiet people.

"Very calm family.  They keep to themselves.  I don't ever have any problems with them," he explained.

Many neighbors on the block have resided there for more than 25 years.

They told ABC Action News crime does not occur on their block, calling the crime 'not normal.'

"Been her 35 years.  We have never had this before," said Betty Shamblen, neighbor.

Deputies say neighbors have no reason to worry or be in fear.

They are working with a limited description, only that the two suspects are men in their late 20s.

According to detectives, the suspects may have been familiar with the victim but the victim did not know or have a relationship with his attackers.

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