Pinellas company's crew detained in Honduras

A desperate plea is being made for the safe return of six men being held captive in Honduras.
The crew worked for Aqua Quest International in Tarpon Springs and was taken into custody nearly a month ago when they arrived in the country to help aid lobster drivers 
According to the family of Robert Mayne, who is the president of the company, officials in the country apparently raided their vessel and arrested the men for weapons violations.
Mayne works out of his home in a quiet Tarpon Springs neighborhood.
The capture has friends and family sick with worry, and they're taking their plea public. They don't feel the U.S. government is doing enough to get these men back.
"They are holding up OK. Make no mistake they are in harm's way, " said Mayne via Skype from Washington. "They are stuck in legal limbo and it's four weeks today.”
Mayne has been able to talk to his brothers, who were on the ship, and is trying to reassure them.
"They broke no laws. We are calling on the Honduran government to release them immediately, " said Mayne.
Mayne said the men carried a gun but only for protection on the seas.
The State Department is closely monitoring the case.
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