Phillip Porvaznik suspected of filming young girls and posting the videos to YouTube

BELLAIR, Fla - A simple traffic stop back in February led police to a St. Petersburg man they say is into filming young girls.

Around 6:30 a.m. on February 11, Bellair Police pulled over Phillip Porvaznik, 46, for running a stop sign. Police say Porvaznik had three girls in the car.  The girls were ages 8, 9 and 11.

According to police, Porvaznik was not related to the young girls but had been out with them all night and even took them to dinner along with a mother of one of the girls.  That mother later allowed Porvaznik to take the girls to a movie without her, police said.

"He took them to a fun center and to Clearwater Beach," explained Bellair Police Chief Tom Edwards.

Inside the car officers noticed a flip camera and computer.  The footage they viewed ended up launching a seven month investigation.

"We have one video of him asking the girls to tell him the dirtiest thing that comes to their minds," Edwards explained.

Police say Porvaznik admitted to frequently filming the girls  because he has a growing interest in photography and editing.

But, on one video posted to YouTube, police say Porvaznik can be seen asking one of the girls to show her breasts.

"On the unedited version, you will see that he will go ahead and zoom in on their rear ends and on their chests," Edwards said.

In all videos and photos, the girls are fully clothes.  Police do not believe Porvaznik touch them but think he was grooming the girls for future acts.

"He was spending money on them, buying them candy.  The candy would turn their tongues red and he would ask them to stick them out," Edwards added.

On August 23, the Pasco-Pinellas State's Attorney's Office issued a warrant for his arrest.  The warrant was for selling and distributing harmful material to minors.

Learning of the warrant, he turned himself in at the Pinellas County Jail.

Porvaznik is now out on $15,000 bond.

ABC Action News went to Porvaznik's St. Petersburg home, a man, who identified himself as Porvaznik's father opened the door.  He said his son was not home and declined to comment.

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