Parking scarce in Clearwater Beach

Parking spaces are becoming pretty hard to find these days for Clearwater Beach visitors.
"They just want to be able to park," beach visitor Katie Hunsucker said.
"It stinks. If you're lucky you don't have to get into a fight with someone in the parking lot just to get a spot," Clearwater beach resident Laura Anthony said.
Now they're getting even more scarce with another lot closing for a year. Developers are leasing lot 32 off Gulfview Boulevard while they build a new hotel.
"I don't know what they're going to do,” Anthony said of drivers. It's just a mess.”
ABC Action News wants to help you navigate through that mess. We went to the City of Clearwater to get some advice. 
"Plan early," Joelle Castelli, the city spokeswoman said. 
One way to do that is through online research. You can find out about parking by visiting
"You've got to look for where the parking is, know the rates, bring the money to pay for parking," Castelli said.
You may also want to get to the beach early.
"If you're coming at two o’clock on the peak of Saturday and Sunday, it's going to be busy," Castelli said. "If you get there around 9:30, 10, you're going to find parking."
Another suggestion: Look for lots farthest away from Pier 60. The lot closest to the pier is usually full and more expensive.
"Some of the lots that are further away like the Rockaway lot or the Beach Rec Center parking lot, there's some on-street parking," Castelli said.
Don't overlook the parking garage at the Hyatt and Surf Style off Gulfview Boulevard. Rates may be higher but parking is usually always available.
In the meantime, city officials are in early negotiations with the Pelican Plaza to possibly build a six to seven story parking garage in the back parking lot.
It's still too early to know if that'll get approved. So right now, parking will continue to be an issue on Clearwater Beach.
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